Bougie Home Decor & More

Your Queendom is a representation of you. It should define bougie and nothing less. We have everything that you could desire for each room, corner, and section of your palace.
I Get So Emotional Tissue Box
Ultra Soft Sheepskin Rug
Luxury Candles
Gold Metal Wine Rack
Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser
Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Smart Indoor Home Garden
Deluxe Quilted Weighted Blanket
Is It You My Love Door Handle
PexFix Mirror
Pink Shoe Phone Holder
Soft Faux Fur
Copper Faux Plants
Napoleon Gold Queen 4-Pc. Comforter Set
Sunburst 24-inch Mirror
Velvet Ottoman With Brass Base
Glam Tufted Velvet 3 Seater Sofa
Contemporary Gold Chrome Glass-shelf Bookcase
Contemporary Copper Metal X-cross End Table
Pink Faux Christmas Tree
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